Spacecraft in-orbit operation is carried out by means of Mission Control Center (MCC). Mission Control Center of Lavochkin Association, JSC (NPOL MCC) is a managerial and engineering body, aimed at flight control of spacecraft developed in-house.
Starting from the Luna-9 spacecraft launch performed back in 1966, NPOL MCC was the SC operation instrument, developed and manufactured in-house. At that time the available technology of operation the deep space spacecraft envisaged the control group activities in close proximity to the main ground station, which for a long time were complexes located in the Crimea. Therefore, the only territorial unit of NPOL MCC was Evpatoria Deep Space Communication Center. NPOL MCC technologies were used for flight control at TsNIImash MCC facilities (missions of Vega, Venera, Phobos series). The specialists of our enterprise developed both onboard SW and ground systems of telemetry receipt and processing for that missions. Today NPOL MCC is an integral part of a State Ground Control Complex. It includes spacecraft control centers and sectors, Chief Designer data processing systems, scientific complex elements, SW, communication means and own radio-technical means of receiving information. Actual list of NPOL MCC components is approved by ROSCOSMOS.


Since 2000, the MCC of NPO Lavochkina JSC has provided:

  • More than 85 launches of the RB "Frigate"
  • Flight tests and pilot operation of the Electro-L spacecraft No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 jointly with TsNIIMash

  • Flight tests and implementation of the scientific program of the spacecraft "Spectrum-R", SPACECRAFT "Spectrum-RG"

  • Flight tests of the spacecraft "Probe-PP", SPACECRAFT "Relek"

  • Preparation for flight tests of the spacecraft "Phobos-Grunt" and work in an emergency situation

  • Tasks by NPOL MCC

    • MCC-SC integration testing during electrical and radiotechnical tests
    • flight analysis of onboard systems
    • definition of the onboard housekeeping equipment operation programs
    • preparation of command and program data for uploading onboard SC
    • flight simulation of onboard systems
    • conducting SC communication sessions by means of ground stations of a specific Ground Control Complex
    • complex measures on identification and way out from a non-nominal case
    • data exchange with related systems — ground stations, special and ballistic centers, ground complex for data receiving, processing and distribution and scientific ground center
    • complex design supervision of MCC complexes in operating entities, ballistic and navigation flight support

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