БМСС Навигатор”


Project Overview


Creation on its base of spacecraft for astrophysical and meteorological studies, as well as information systems.
Platform mass:
850-980* kg
maximum fueling:
570 kg
maximum electrical power for P/L:
600 – 1150* W
onboard radio complex frequency range:
Х band
communication range:
200 – 2000000 km
Currently the following modifications of Navigator base module were created:
Navigator-R for Spektr-R; Navigator-E for Elektro-L SC; Navigator-RG for Spektr-RG SC;
SC on the module base:
Spektr-R, Elektro-L, Spektr-RG, Spektr-UF, Arktika-M, Gamma-400
Payload maximum mass:
2600 kg
Compatibility with transportation means:
Soyuz, Zenit type Launch Vehicles with Fregat upper stage or without it can be used as launchers
Operational orbits (*Depends on modification):
Geostationary, Sun-synchronous, High elliptical, in L libration point vinicity etc.