About the company

About the company

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Our mission

Combining innovations, experience and creative potential of employees, we provide comprehensive solutions for the interplanetary space research and launch services for near-Earth and deep space exploration. We will turn the uncharted to serve the mankind’s benefit.

Lavochkin Association, JSC is a leading space industry enterprise focused on development, manufacture and implementation of automated space complexes and systems for fundamental scientific, astrophysical, planetary studies, Earth remote sensing, and upper stages for spacecraft insertion into target near-Earth orbits and Earth-escape trajectories.

Кадровый потенциал

The rich enterprise history has contributed to the accumulation of production capacities and human resources, which currently amounts to more than 4,500 people.

Портфель заказов

Lavochkin Association has a stable portfolio of orders for the works under the Federal Space Program of the Russian Federation.

Our main tasks

  • Creation of innovative space technology
  • Increasing production volumes
  • Improving labor productivity
  • Production of products that meet the highest international standards
Космическая техника

Today the enterprise’s solid scientific and design capability is ensured by professional and highly qualified team, modern production equipment, unique testing facilities, test benches, simulation tools, optimized infrastructure.

Today Lavochkin Association, JSC is a well–coordinated, highly organized, well-reconfigurable structure with high creative and executive potential, involved in challenging scientific and technical issues aimed at strengthening the Russian Federation international authority and its strategic development.