Lavochkin Association, JSC Pilot plant carries out components manufacture, assemble and testing of units and spacecraft according to the documentation issued by the Chief Designer Office including transportation of end items to the cosmodromes. Besides, pilot plant carries out acceptance control of purchased and received on cooperation parts and units.
The constantly increasing volume of manufactured by the enterprise products allows to allocate more and more funds for technical modernization of production. Modern equipment is introduced and is characterized by high accuracy and bigger productivity. The emphasis is on the introduction of modern machining centers with SW control. The partial withdrawal from standard machine is primarily due to abundance of complex-shaped details including those with the elements of curved surface. Directly in workshops, production control offices, work places for programmers to maintain this equipment. Therefore, the productivity of qualified machine tool operators is significantly increased.


For the first time, titanium welding technology was developed and introduced into production at our enterprise

Main activities of pilot plant Lavochkin Association, JSC

  • Manufacturing of parts and workpieces by plastic deformation methods, panel type parts
  • All types of mechanical processing of parts (bench work, turning, milling, boring, electrical discharge machining etc.) performed on universal and high-precision modern software equipment with increased productivity
  • A wide range of electroplated coatings and thermal processing of parts
  • Assembling and testing of working units and units of different SC systems (actuators, antennas and other elements of antenna-feeder systems, pneumatic cylinders, pyropins and other elements of separation systems)
  • Assembling and testing of oversized sealed and unsealed units (tanks, tank units, supporting frames, intermediate bays, payload fairings etc.
  • Non-metal items manufacturing and testing (parts, bladders, multi-layer insulation and others)
  • Manufacturing and testing of on-board and ground harness, automatic control units, which were designed at the enterprise
  • Final assembling and space engineering testing

A high production culture, strict ground testing, optimization of developer cooperation and unification of the means used make it possible to create spacecraft with high tactical and technical characteristics and efficiency that meet international quality and reliability standards.

The production capacities of the pilot plant according to the technological structure and the volumes performed fully correspond to the needs of Lavochkin Association, JSC. Thus, pilot plant Lavochkin Association, JSC provides the manufacture, assembly and testing of units and spacecraft as a whole, in accordance with the documentation issued by the Chief Designer Office, from the procurement of materials to the delivery of end items to the customer.

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