Today research and development activities of the of Lavochkin Association, JSC Chief Designer Office are brought to the modern scientific and technical level in all main directions which are inherent in the main enterprise specialization and confirm its global uniqueness. The Chief Designer Office includes 4 development directions: general design, mechanical systems, space transportation means and electrical systems.
The office develops new technically advanced structures, designing automated spacecraft for exploration of planets and solar system small bodies, unmanned space observatories for astrophysical researches in a wide range of emission spectrums as well as satellites for Earth remote sensing. Variants of small and micro-devices, which can develop and deepen researches, envisaged in Federal Space Program of the Russian Federation, are also developed.

A modern structure of the Chief Designer Office represents an association of thematic offices, whose cooperation with specialized program directions ensures implementation of the entire technological chain of fabrication of automated spacecraft. Young specialists are actively involved in activities at all Chief Designer Office departments.

Lavochkin Association’s team sees the prospect of successful continuation of legendary historical chronicle in systematically realized projects, approved by the Federal Space Program of the Russian Federation and reflecting creative abilities of actual “Lavochkin Design School”. It is constantly replenished with an inflow of young people, who combine sufficiently rapid response to changes of modern realities and highly effective implementation of strategic tasks, which provide solutions to problems of national importance.


A significant part of the work of the General Designer's service is the development of automatic means of launching spacecraft into working orbits. The space tugboat NPO Lavochkin – "Frigate" has made 113 successful launches since 2000. On the account of the "Frigate" launches of automatic interplanetary stations to Mars and Venus, as well as other spacecraft for scientific purposes. In total, during this time, more than 300 spacecraft of both Russian and foreign production were put into calculated orbits. Such highly efficient and reliable operation of Frigate provides Russia with a leading position in the world in such a high-tech, innovative and commercially profitable direction.

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