МКП «Карат»”


Project Overview


Creation on the platform base of small spacecrafts for different scientific purposes
Areas of possible application:
Carrying out of fundamental scientific researches; Earth remote sensing; Testing of new technologies and software and hardware solutions; meteorological and environmental monitoring; communication providing; small spacecraft constellation of different target purpose etc.
platform mass:
up to 140 kg
average daily power supply system capacity:
up to 250 W;
onboard radio complex frequency range:
S (Х)
propulsion system:
ablative pulsed plasma
SC on the module base:
MKA-FKI (PN1), Zond-PP, MKA-FKI (PN2), Relek
P/L mass:
up to 100 kg
Injection into the orbit:
Piggyback as additional P/L or batch. Variant of transportation mean – Soyuz LV with Fregat upper stage
Operational orbits:
Low earth orbit with different inclination. Possible usage in high elliptical orbits