Fairings&Transfer compartment

Fairings&Transfer compartment


Fairing is developed to protect SC and upper stage from aerodynamic and thermal loads during the passage of the LV of dense layers of the atmosphere as well as from the environment influence during SNC transportation autonomously, as part of the LV to the launch site (LS) and while on it.

The fairing is a body of rotation, consisting of a nose part in the form of a double cone and a cylindrical part. The fairing consists of two identically designed halves, connected to each other along the fairing split line by mechanical locks.

Each half represents a panel, containing transverse and longitudinal power set (stringers, rings and diaphragms) and covering, which are interconnected with rivets, bolts, connecting fittings and brackets.
Головные обтекатели

    • GO RBF 1.750 for Soyuz LV (Ø 3715 mm, length 8450 mm) with Fregat upper stage. Payload mass ≈ 1180 kg.;
    • GO 14С737 for Soyuz LV (Ø 3715 mm, length 10400 mm) with Fregat upper stage. Payload mass ≈ 1400 kg;
    • GO AMGE, GO 465GK.G for Zenit LV (Ø 4100 mm, length 10400 mm) with Fregat-SB upper stage/ Proton-M LV with DM upper stage. Payload mass ≈ 1670 kg;
    • GO AMG for Zenit LV (Ø 4100 mm, length 11350 mm) with Fregat-SB upper stage. Payload mass ≈ 1870 kg.

Transfer compartment

The transfer compartment ensures the mating of the Nose Cone with the unit of a previous LV stage and installation of the fairing, as well as the transition of electrical and gas communications of the upper stage, SC and fairing with LV systems and ground equipment on the LS through transition electrical circuits and gas lines of the LV. Mated with the fairing transfer compartment ensures ingress protection of Fregat upper stage and SC from the environmental influence during launch preparation and during the flight (before fairing jettison).
Переходные отсеки
    • Transfer compartment 14S227. Transfer compartment 14S227 is developed and is manufactured at Lavochkin Association, JSC for usage with the fairing of Lavochkin Association, JSC production (Ø 3715 mm, length 8450 mm or 10400 mm) and Soyuz-2 LV. Transfer compartment mass ≈ 345 kg
    • Transfer compartment RBFSTM. Transfer compartment is developed and is manufactures at Lavochkin Association, JSC for usage with the fairing of JSC SRC Progress production (Ø 4110 mm, length 11433 mm) and Soyuz-2 LV. Transfer compartment mass ≈ 465 kg
    • Transfer compartment RBFZT. RBFZT transfer compartment is developed and manufactured at Lavochkin Association, JSC for usage with AMGE fairing produced by Lavochkin Association, JSC (Ø 4100 mm, length 10400 mm or 11350 mm) and Zenit LV.
    • AMGE fairing was successfully applied during Electro-L №1 SC, Spektr-R SC (both – Zenit-2SB LV and Fregat-SB upper stage), Phobos-Grunt SC launches. Similar fairing 465GK was successfully used with DM-SLB upper stage during 6 SC launches under Land launch program with Zenit-2SB LV.  Transfer compartment mass ≈ 390 kg. The transfer compartments are developed and manufactured at Lavochkin Association, JSC.