Rules for the use of site information

  1. The copyright holder of the website (next "Website") is a Federal state Unitary Enterprise the enterprise "NPO imS.A. Lavochkin"\w\. (hereinafter referred to as the "Site Owner"), except when another authorship or other source is indicated, all rights are protected by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  2. The Site Owner has all intellectual rights to the Site, in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and has the right to change and supplement information materials forming The Site, as well as the design of the Site, carries out other the rights belonging to him in relation to the Site.
  3. Exclusive rights to information materials, logos, software, databases, graphics, audiovisual and design design of the Site (further "Content") belong to the Owner of the Site in some cases, exclusive and other intellectual rights to materials, posted on the Site may belong to other copyright holders, with the consent of which the relevant parts of the Content are posted on the Site
  4. Site users have the right to freely get acquainted with the Content posted on the Site in open access to the Content by as a general rule , it is provided on an open and gratuitous basis on the basis, except in cases expressly stipulated on the Site, or provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation Federation at the same time, the Site Owner has the right to set restricted or restricted access to certain parts of the Content, in cases permitted by law.
  5. Users of the Site are not entitled to use the Content in any way, in whole or in part, including reproducing, distributing, report on the air/ by cable, translate, process, practically implement or make available to the public Content without the prior written permission of the Owner The Website and (or) other copyright holders of the specified Content, except permitted cases of free use of Content, defined in p5.1 of these Rules, or directly provided for the current legislation of the Russian Federation. Use of Content without the consent of the Site Owner and others copyright holders and outside the scope of cases permitted by law the free use of information materials can lead to the emergence of civil, administrative or criminal liability and is a violation of the Russian legislation and international law
    • When using information from the site, the User must make a link to the owner of the information as a source information as follows:
      - when using information on any material medium (paper, film, etc.) in each case of use "Source: ";
      - when using information in electronic format (form) make a hyperlink to the main page of the site and on the page of the posted material;
      - in other cases (printed publications, radio,-TV,-video programs, etc.) make a mention of the owner of the information "FSUE "NPO Ims.ALavochkin".
  6. It is prohibited to restrict or hinder the use of the Site by other persons, disrupt the operation of the Site or servers and networks that ensure the operation of the Site, as well as violate the requirements, procedures, rules and regulations of these networks
  7. It is forbidden to change (modify), adapt, carry out decompilation, disassembly and reengineering of any part Site
  8. The Site Owner can make changes to the Content at any time without warning to third parties, the owner of the Site makes every effort efforts to ensure that the Content is as accurate, complete, reliable and up-to-date as possible, however, the Site Owner does not is responsible for the consequences of using the Content by third parties
  9. The Site Owner does not make any statements, does not give any guarantees and estimates regarding the fact that the results posted as part of the Content and described in the statements regarding future the results will be achieved by the following statements regarding future results reflect in each case one of numerous possible scenarios and should not be considered in as the most likely or standard scenario
  10. The Site Owner is not responsible for losses incurred by users of the Site or third parties as a result of the use of their Content, including lost profits
  11. The Site Owner is not responsible for losses incurred by users of the Site for reasons related to technical failures hardware and software, as well as for losses, arising as a result of the actions of the users of the Site, clearly not corresponding to the usual rules of working with information on the network The Internet
  12. If the Site users have any suggestions to the Site Owner, they can send them to: