Journal "Vestnik "NPO IM. S.A.Lavochkina"

Journal "Vestnik "NPO IM. S.A.Lavochkina"

01' 2019
Issue: 01' 2019

Contents of the issue

Editorial note: the journal Vestnik NPO imeni S.A. Lavochkina celebrates its 10th anniversary

Lomakin I.V., Pol V.G., Simonov A.V., Schirhakov A.E., Shostak S.V. Bооmerang shall be back to the Earth

Golomazov M.M., Ivankov A.A. On the dynamics of atmospheric gas filling of the interior space of a prospective descent module during descent in the atmosphere of Mars

Klimenko N.N. Analytical models for estimation of LEO satellites capabilities to detect, geolocate and identify C-, X-, Ku-, Ka-band satellite communications terminals.

Part 3. Probability and space-time models for estimation of capability to surveil satellite communications terminals in local areas

Shevchenko S.N. Method of planning of ground verification scopes for the integrated launch vehicles prior to a start of their flight tests

Artemev A.V., Bykov A.I., Rykov E.V., Markachev N.A. Modeling the process of soft landing of the spacecraft on the lunar surface. The development of instruments and test procedures in the ground conditions with a dynamically similar model SC

Petrov A.S., Prilutskiy A.A., Volchenkov A.S. Elevation and azimuthal ambiguity of the signal received by cosmic space synthetic aperture radar

Zaponov A.E., Sakharov М.V., Glazunov V.A., Trishin R.A. Mathematical Model of the Motion of Gaseous Thermal Decomposition Products of Composites in a Porous Frame under Strong Heat Flows on Descent Vehicles

Babakov A.V., Beloshitsky A.V., Gaydaenko V.I., Dyadkin A.A. Numerical simulation of flow in nozzles of Soft-Landing Engines for spacecraft with regulated thrust

Alisin V.V., Roshchin M.N., Lukyanov A.I., Vorontsov V.А., Bogachev V.A., Markachev N.A. Development and research of friction units operating at high temperatures in relation to spacecraft

Mironenko E.D., Babichev A.A., Skleznev А.А. To the issue of tensioning of the sling system of composite overwrapped pressure vessel

Bagrov A.V., Leonov V.A., Sorokin N.A. The meteor hazard at interplanetary fly in the ecliptic plane