Journal "Vestnik "NPO IM. S.A.Lavochkina"

Journal "Vestnik "NPO IM. S.A.Lavochkina"

Issue: 01'2009

Contents of the issue

Congratulation from A.N. Perminov, Head of Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos)

Congratulation from Y.S. Osipov, Academician, President of Russian Academy of Sciences to the employers of Lavochkin Association on 70th Anniversary of the enterprise

Polishchuk G.M., Solodovnikov S.N.
Scientific potential of Lavochkin Association Design Bureau
Pichkhadze К.М.
Development of scientific and design school of G.N. Babakin in the field of creation of deep space automated spacecraft

Moisheev А.А., Shevalev I.L.
70th Anniversary of Lavochkin Association Design Bureau

Krupkin S.I.
Georgy Nikolaevich Babakin (fragments of life)

Matveev Y.А.
«Space Engineering» Faculty is celebrating its 50th Anniversary: progress and prospects

Efanov V.V., Semunkina V.I., Shostak S.V.
Features of ballistic design of remote sensing space system for optic and electronic Earth observation of «ARKON-1» type

Arkhangelskiy R.N., Zaiko Y.K.
Test organization of integrated onboard SC control complex

Lomakin I.V., Martynov M.B.,  Pol V.G., Simonov A.V.
Asteroid hazard, real issues and practical actions

Nazarov A.E.
Use of combined method for calculation of GEO SC corrections program to minimize the orbit’s eccentricity

Evgrafov А.Е., Nazarov А.Е.
Enhancement in accuracy of onboard forecasting of CoG motion of GEO SC using compensative transversal acceleration

Babyshkin V.E., Eroshkin V.N., Yanitskiy А.А.
Geostationary hydrometeorological «Elektro» space complex of second generation

Asyushkin V.А.
Upgrading of «Fregat» upper stage

Galich N.V., Kosterenko Y.V.
Information support of the company activities

Gerasimov I.S., Romanov V.M., Yaremenko D.E.
Importance of financial analysis for successful development of a company