Journal "Vestnik "NPO IM. S.A.Lavochkina"

Journal "Vestnik "NPO IM. S.A.Lavochkina"

Issue: 01'2017

Contents of the issue

Makarov V.P., Moskatiniev I.V., Samoilov S.Yu.

The correlation between values of space images geometric quality performances for the sake of mapping

Kovalev A.V., Mitkin A.S., Telepnev P.P., Tsyplakov A.E.

Modeling of dynamic behavior of the spacecraft in consideration with structural nonlinearities

Matveev Yu.A., Lamzin V.A., Lamzin V.V.

Predictive studies of spacecraft modification characteristics in a foreseen period considering the peculiarities of project design solutions of basic subsystems

Klimenko N.N.

Estimation of accessibility of satellite radio emissions for unauthorized reception during testing for electromagnetic compatibility of radio electronic equipment

Rozin P.E., Kusova V.R.

Methods of adjusting of the inertial measurement unit in flight

Jagodnikov D.A., Sapozhnikov V.B., Avraamov N.I., Lokhanov I.V., Novikov A.V.

Experimental and methodical assurance of studies of hydro-dynamic processes in propellant tanks with capillary cryogenic components management systems

Ilyushin M.A., Kotomin А.А., Dushenok S.A., Efanov V.V.

Laser initiation a photosensitive energy materials, that are promising for systems pyroautomatic spacecrafts

Birukov A.S., Demenko O.G., Mikhalenkov N.A.

Influence of connecting rigidity on longitudinal shock load transfer through bolted assembly

Alekseev S.V., Aksenova I.V., Ivanova E.K., Kharitonova E.V., Lokhov A.A.

The question of protective heat shield design for the «INTERHELIO-ZOND» spacecraft

Evgrafov А.E., Pol V.G.

Revising the formation of spacecraft near-circular low-altitude earth orbits (completion)

Pavlov Yu.N., Nedashkovskiy V.М., Tikhomirova Е.А., Shavyrin I.B.

Identification of nonlinear dynamic link based by the experiment outcome

Zolotoy S.А.

Methodic basics of scientific follow-up of Earth remote sensing space systems design and development processes

Ananiev A.I., Borshev Y.P., Kvardakov M.Y., Kurkin S.E., Kurkov A.A., Sevastianov A.S., Shibalov M.V.

Development of SC geometrically complicated components by the selective laser melting method

Danilchenko М.V., Kudryavtsev S.V., Teselkin S.F.

Strategic partnership with higher education institutions as a fundamental factor of competitive ability assurance for science – intensive industrial enterprises