Journal "Vestnik "NPO IM. S.A.Lavochkina"

Journal "Vestnik "NPO IM. S.A.Lavochkina"

Issue: 03'2012

Contents of the issue

Avdeev V.Yu., Alakoz А.V., Aleksandrov Yu.А., Andreyanov V.V. et al.
«Radioastron» Space Mission. The first results

Zastenker G.N., Zelenyi L.M., Petrukovich A.A., Chesalin L.S. et al.
«Plasma-F» – first results of working

Sysoev V.К., Pichkhadze К.М., Verlan А.А., Nasyrov А.F.
Analysis of structure of demo space power plant

Demyanenko D.B., Dudyrev А.S., Efanov V.V., Strakhov I.G., Tsinbal М.N.
Pyrоtechnic timing devices for objects of space technics

Finchenko V.S., Shmatov S.I.
Method for rapid prediction of aerodynamic force effects on space crafts in rarefied gas flow

Alyabiev S.P., Chistov E.G.
On availability of commercial communication satellite systems for transfer of SC and upper stages telemetry data («flight-modem» technology)

Sabirov Т.R., Vlasov A.I., Mirzamagomedov Y.I.
Microstrip antenna array for small SC onboard radio complex

Loupiak D.S., Lakeev V.N., Karbanov N.A.
The block DM-based orbital transfer vehicle

Volodin N.M., Mishin Y.N., Tulin I.D., Markacheva А.А., Kaminskiy V.V.
Spacecraft semiconducting resistance strain gauge based on samarium monosulfide. Self-heating

Targamadze R.Ch., Moiseev D.V., Fam S.K.
Rational choice of loop flight rout for a lightweight aircraft subject to the wind forecast