Journal "Vestnik "NPO IM. S.A.Lavochkina"

Journal "Vestnik "NPO IM. S.A.Lavochkina"

Issue: 04'2010

Contents of the issue

Congratulation of the Lavochkin Association team by Y.S. Osipov, the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Congratulation of the Lavochkin Association team by A. N. Perminov, the Head of Federal Space Agency

Khartov V.V., Zeleny L.М., Dolgopolov V.P., Efanov V.V., Zaytseva О.N., Lukiyanchikov А.V., Martynov М.B., Pichkhadze К.М.
New Russian lunar unmanned space complexes (For 45th anniversary of Lavochkin Association space activities and for 40th anniversary of «Luna-16» SC and «Luna-17» SC)

Zelenyi L.М., Zakharov А.V., Zakutnyaya О.V.
Would the Lunar Renaissance come forth?

Anfimov N.А., Gubaydullin V.Sh., Yevich А.F.
For 40th anniversary of delivery of lunar soil samples to the Earth and commencement of operations of the mobile lunar research laboratory «Lunokhod-1»

Marov М.Y.
Glorious history

Akim E.L.
Sampling and delivery of lunar soil samples to the Earth by the unmanned spacecraft «Luna-16»

Petrik V.А., Smirnov I.А.
Engines for «Luna-16» and «Luna-17» spacecraft

Sologub P.S., Ivanovskiy О.G.
Development of undercarriage of the first in the world planetary rover «Lunokhod-1»

Dovgan V.G.
The Moon rover crew

Vorontsov V.А., Lohmatova М.G., Martynov М.B., Pichkhadze К.М., Simonov А.V., Khartov V.V., Zasova L.V., Zelenyi L.М., Korablev О.I.
Perspective spacecraft for Venus research. «Venera-D» project

Zhilinskaya I.А.
From the past towards the future: for the 45th anniversary of foundation of the lavochkin association museum