Journal "Vestnik "NPO IM. S.A.Lavochkina"

Journal "Vestnik "NPO IM. S.A.Lavochkina"

Issue: 04'2012

Contents of the issue

Congratulation of the Head of the Russian Federal Space Agency V.A. Popovkin

Congratulation of Academician Yu.S. Osipov, the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Congratulation of the Director General of the Federal Enterprise «Lavochkin Association» V.V. Khartov

Pichkhadze К.М., Shevalev I.L.
On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Federal Enterprise «Lavochkin Association» – the main milestones of the history

Zastenker G.N.
The investigations of solar-terrestrial relations performed onboard the spacecraft developed by NPO named S.A. Lavochkin. 1. «INTERBALL» project

Larionov Е.V., Novikov B.S., Zakharov А.V.
This is as it used to be, as it will be

Moskaleva L.P.
Studies of the Moon rocks composition and planetary research by spacecraft of «Luna», «Mars», «Venera» families

Ivanov А.V., Nazarov М.А.
Study of regolith samples, delivered by automated space stations of «Luna» family

Basilevskiy А.Т.
Laboratory of comparative planetology GEOKHI RAN: joint activities with Lavochkin Association

Boyarchuk А.А., Shustov B.М., Moisheev А.А., Sachkov М.Е.
«Spektr-UF» project

Golovin Yu.М., Gafarov А.А.
In close concord – from aircrafts to spacecrafts

Panasyuk М.I., Kuznetsov N.V., Tulupov V.I.
Radiation in space. Long-term cooperation between SINP MSU and Lavochkin Association

Khamidullina N.М., Kuznetzov N.V., Zefirov I.V., Artiomov M.E.
Cooperation between Skobeltzyn Institute of Nuclear Research of Moscow State University and Lavochkin Association in the field of radiation conditions forecasting for SC operating

Zhukov B.I., Zayko Yu.K., Likhachev V.N., Sikharulidze Yu.G., Tuchin А.G., Fedotov V.P.
Adaptive algorithm of terminal guidance for lunar landing

Gorelov V.A.
The scientific, technical and experimental works which have been made by the Lavochkin Association for the decision of information support’s problems of cartographical branch with the Earth remote sensing data transmitted on a radio channel

Filatiev А.S., Finchenko V.S.
TsAGI and Lavochkin Association – contiguous parallels of science and engineering

Zaviyalov V.S., Petrik V.А.
Analysis of cooperation between KBkhimmash named after A.M. Isaev and Lavochkin Association in development of liquid-propellant rocket engines

Uspenskiy G.R., Gubaydullin V.Sh.
On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Federal Enterprise «Lavochkin Association» – cooperation milestones with the Central Research Institute of Machine Building «TsNIIMash»

Ivanovskiy Е.А., Nemkevich V.А., Christoforenko V.К.
Half a century of joint work

Selivanov A.S.
JSC «Russian space systems» and development of the rocket-and-space technical equipment for scientific purposes

Kosenko V.E., Kochura S.G., Maksimov I.А., Smirnov V.А.
Increase of accuracy while forecasting of impact jets of stationary plasma thrusters by more accurate definition of erosion approximation indicatrix

Makridenko L.А., Volkov S.N., Gorbunov А.V., Gecha V.Ya., Averbukh V.Ya.
The 45th anniversary of effective cooperation between «VNIIEM Corporation» JSC and Federal Enterprise «Lavochkin Association»

Saydov G.G., Denisov К.P., Kuchkin V.N., Borisov V.V., Korsakov V.S., Mitrofanov V.F.
Development of test bench facilities, bench test techniques and testing of spacecraft built by Lavochkin Association at Federal Government Enterprise «NIC RKP»

Gerashchenko А.N., Matveev Y.А.
Integration of production, science and education

Kuzin Е.N., Zagarslikh V.I.
Creative career of near half a century duration