Journal "Vestnik "NPO IM. S.A.Lavochkina"

Journal "Vestnik "NPO IM. S.A.Lavochkina"

Issue: 04'2017

Contents of the issue

Bagrov А.V., Dmitriev A.O., Leonov V.А., Moskatiniev I.V., Sysoev V.K., Shirshakov A.E., Yudin A.D.

The Moon global positioning system based on active light beacons

Platov I.V., Simonov A.V., Gordienko E.S.

Comparative analysis of the missions in the Jovian system

Shevchenko S.N.

Method of reliability assessment and prediction of the spacecraft avionics behavior in space ionizing radiation environment by the simulator accelerated test results

Efanov V.V., Klimenko N.N., Semunkina V.I., Shostak S.V.

Space system for remote sensing of the Earth on the base of «Arcon» satellite: towards the 20th anniversary of the first launch

Shmatov S.I.

Numerical study of the power effects of solar radiation on spacecraft surfaces taking into account some of their real geometrical features

Gladyshev A.I., Zhukov A.O., Zacharov A.I., Moscatin’ev I.V., Prohorov M.E., Sysoev V.K., Shirshakov A.E., Yudin A.D.

The question of upgrade of high-precision solar sensors and practicable solution

Kazmerchuk P.V.

The method of linearization in optimization problems of low thrust spacecraft trajectories. Test problem solving

Danilkin N.P., Zhbankov G.A., Lapshin V.B., Filippov M.Y.

Continuous observation possibility of thin extra plasma density walls in the high-latitude ionosphere from the «Arktika-M» satellites

Shtokal А.О., Rykov Е.V., Dobrosovestnov К.B., Govorun Т.А., Shatalov V.К., Bogachyov V.А.

Ways of dependability enhancement of spacecraft deployment units with suspended actuation operating

Istratov A.Yu., Pogodin A.V., Khomenko I.I., Privezentsev A.S.

Forecasting of the Thermal Modes of the Spacecraft Equipment

Sinyavsky V.V., Smerdov А.А., Lavrishchev S.S.

Research of influence of truss section parameters on the stress-strain state and dynamic characteristics of the solar arrays frame

Evgrafov A.E., Pol V.G., Shostak S.V.

The determination of the third coordinate of radar image in the Synthetic Aperture Radar technology

Strelnikov I.V., Ponomaryov K.E.

On the issue of applying vibration treatment of spacecraft welded structures to improve the accuracy and dimensional stability. Review

Lovtsov D.A., Shevlyakov A.S.

Software for operational radiation protection of special-purpose spacecraft

Atamasov V.D., Daniluk A.U., Dementyev I.I., Pogorelov V.I., Ustinov A.N., Shevkunov I.A.

Phenomena of induced radiation through the environment of the external atmospheres of spacecraft with nuclear reactors

Sobolev I.A.

Analysis of design characteristics of atmospheric probes of a snake type (Vetrolet) for studying the atmosphere of Venus

Merkulov A.V., Shkel A.S.

The use of Magnetohydrodynamic Elements for Uniaxial Orientation and Stabilization of a Rotating Spacecraft

Klimenko N.N.

Pseudosatellites for persistent surveillance of local areas

Ananiev A.I., Shibalov M.V., Kurkov A.A., Borshev Y.P., Sevastianov A.S., Kurkin S.E.

Innovative technologies – into the space industry

Danilchenko М.V., Karchaev Kh.Zh., Kudryavtsev S.V., Khaletskaya N.V.

Concept of postgraduate studies development at Lavochkin Science and Production Association

Shmatov S.I.

Method of engineering calculation of impact of force supersonic jets flowing out of the low-thrust engines on the spacecraft structures in the inviscid approximation

Demenko O.G., Birukov A.S.

Spacecraft shortening influence on shock loading level by separation system actuation

Prilutskiy A.A., Sidorchuk E.A., Petrov A.S.

Modeling of aperture mechanical deformation influence on array factor of space-based active phase array antenna

Markachev N.A., Mikhalevskii K.I., Sobolev Ya.A., Savinkova K.Ya.

Spacecraft high pressure cylinders and fuel tanks made of titanium alloy. Improvement of manufacturing technology

Ivanenko V.V., Karpenko S.O., Lokhanov I.V., Panfilova E.I., Teselkin S.F.

Lavochkin Association. Potential in public-private partnership projects on the space service market