Journal "Vestnik "NPO IM. S.A.Lavochkina"

Journal "Vestnik "NPO IM. S.A.Lavochkina"

Issue: 04'2020

Contents of the issue

Editorial article

Sachkov M.E., Bharat Chandra, Shanti Prabha, Ajin Prakash, Binukumar G. Nair, Safonova М.V., Richa Rai, Rekhesh Mohan, Jayant Murthy, Shmagin V.E.

The Indo-Russian UV spectrograph project for China Space Station (SING)

Khamidullina N.M., Kombaev T.S., Vlasenkov E.V., Zefirov I.V., Chernikov P.S., Artiomov M.E.

Radiation environment on the mission trajectory and onboard of spacecraft for research asteroids of main belt

Golomazov M.M., Ivankov A.A., Melkisheva A.L.

Model of the mass carryover of a high-temperature coating used to ensure the thermal regime of space descent vehicles

Babakov A.V., Shmatov S.I.

Mathematical modeling and analysis of aerodynamic and thermal effects on the descent module of the spacecraft ExoMars-2020 during soft landing

Rozin P.E.

Extended hybrid Kalman filter for identifying parameters of the inertial measurement unit as part of the SC on-board software

Nazarov А.Е.

Corrections of perigee altitude and inclination for maintenance of dynamic stability of the continuous service satellite systems on high-elliptic orbits of Molniya type

Parshukov L.I., Panin Y.V., Korzhov K.N.

New technology of Electron Beam Welding to Join Dissimilar Materials of Axial Grooved Heat Pipes

Drozdov S.M., Rtishcheva A.S., Shemetov I.M., Klishin A.F., Nikitin A.M.

Experimental study of the thermal stability of three types materials joints simulators of Martian descent module in the hypersonic flow

Kovtun V.S., Pavlov A.N., Sokolov B.V., Pavlov D.A., Vorotyagin V.N.

Methodology for the operational assessment of the intensity and uniformity of the expenditure of resources onboard systems of automatic spacecrafts

Samoilov N.S., Ukhanov I.G., Detenyshev D.S.

Application of modern and promising mechanical devices based on materials with shape-memory affect in the design of spacecraft

Danilkin N.P., Zhbankov G.A., Zhuravlev S.V., Repin А.Y., Romanov I.V.

Transionospheric radiosounding as the basis of the near real time forecast for improvement of the shortwave radio communication