Journal "Vestnik "NPO IM. S.A.Lavochkina"

Journal "Vestnik "NPO IM. S.A.Lavochkina"

Issue: 05'2013

Contents of the issue

Barmin I.V., Dunham D.W., Kulagin V.P., Savinykh V.P., Tsvetkov V.Ya.
Debris rings in the near-Earth space

Belyaev B.B., Dobritsa B.T., Rozin P.E.
Method for increasing the accuracy of the state vector estimation while controlling the angular motion of the spacecraft in the stabilization mode

Biryukov А.S., Dobrosovestnov К.B., Ponomarev К.Е.
Analysis of fracture mechanics parameters for fuel compensator flexible element considering nonlinearity

Shmatov S.I., Mordvinkin A.S.
Perturbing effect of solar radiation on «Spektr-RG» spacecraft in operational orbit

Gurevich Yu.А., Gusev P.I.
Enhancement of elliptical polarization antennas in terms of mass-dimensional parameters

Antropov N.N., Bogatyy А.V., Danshov Yu.Т., Dyakonov G.А., Lyubinskaya N.V., Nechayev I.L., Popov G.А., Semenikhin S.А., Tyutin V.К., Kharlamov V.S., Yakovlev V.N.
Correcting Propulsion System with Ablative Pulsed Plasma Thruster for Small Spacecraft

Ershov A.G.
Adjustment and alignment of star tracker internal calibration device for unmanned spacecraft

Konstantinov M.S., Orlov A.A.
Trajectory optimization of low-thrust Spacecraft for Jupiter research using Earth gravity assist maneuver

Ulybyshev S.Y.
The analysis trajectories of guidance for the crew module to landing preset areas an emergency the launch vehicle

Lishnevskii A.E., Benghin V.V.
Method for short-term forecast of absorbed doze accumulation dynamics at International Space Station based on radiation monitoring system data

Timofeev A.N., Asiyshkin V.A., Greshilov P.A., Tsvelev V.M., Potapova .Т.K., Bazhenova O.P.
Unique reinforcer – boric filament and its application in space structures

Shibalov М.V., Ananyev А.I., Shutova А.S., Silivanchik V.B.
Comparative study of efficiency of conventional and computerized radiography while making assessment of quality of rocket-and-space industry products

Matveev Yu.А., Kudryavtsev S.А., Primakov P.V.
Concept of educational activities at Lavochkin Association