Journal "Vestnik "NPO IM. S.A.Lavochkina"

Journal "Vestnik "NPO IM. S.A.Lavochkina"

Issue: 01'2023

Contents of the issue

The magazine presents the materials devoted to the 40th anniversary of Astron observatory launch and Venus exploration by home-built spacecraft. Another scientific and technical space-related questions are addressed.

Moisheev A.A., Efanov V.V., Karchaev Kh.Zh., Shostak S.V. Implementation of a wacky idea forty years ago: for the Fortieth Anniversary of the Astron spacecraft launch

Zanin К.А., Moskatiniev I.V., Demidov А.Iu. Development of generalized resolution criteria for space surveillance systems of various types

Babakov A.V., Finchenko V.S. Results of numerical determination of misaligned location influence of landing object and parachute in supersonic gas flow on their aerodynamic characteristics and flow structure

Bloshenko А.V., Dubinin V.I., Zaletova I.A., Koshlakov V.V., Popova E.V., Rizakhanov R.N., Sitnikov N.N., Yurchenko I.I. Self-healing materials for solving functional problems in space technology

Kuzin Е.N., Zagarskih V.I.,Еfanov V.V., Kondakova L.V. Multifunctional pyromechanical devices as a new type of onboard servo system separation

Suhanov A.V., Krotova L.V., Duga V.V. Influence of disturbing factors acting during Soyuz-2 lateral units separation on search rapidness of separating parts in impaсt areas

Lagun A.V., Kozlov V.V., Antropova A.V. Methods of adaptation of the rocket and space complex in the conditions of its internal degradation

Fedorova L.А., Sofin А.P., Gorshkov L.K., Ukhanov I.G. On the issue of ensuring the equilibrium stability of the manipulator links

Kudryavtsev S.V., Rozovenko V.М. More on creation of a diagnostic information system for the space hardware health monitoring