Journal "Vestnik "NPO IM. S.A.Lavochkina"

Journal "Vestnik "NPO IM. S.A.Lavochkina"

Issue: 02'2016

Contents of the issue

Martynov M.B., Merkulov P.V., Lomakin I.V., Vyatlev P.A., Simonov A.V., Leun E.V., Barabanov A.A., Nasyrov A.F.

Russian perspective mission «Laplace-P» for studies of Jupiter planetary system: scientific goals and objectives, mission special features. Мission profile

Golomazov M.M., Ivankov A.A.

Numerical study of the influence of the Martian atmosphere particles on thermal protection design of the «ExoMars-2» descent module

Vaisberg O.L.

Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of «VEGA» Project (Halley's comet rendezvous): memories of a participant

Gordienko E.S., Ilin I.S., Mzhelskii P.V., Mikhailov E.A., Palamarchuk E.A., Poghodin A.V., Tuchin A.G., Tuchin D.A., Philippova E.N., Khudorozhkov P.A., Yaroshevskiy V.S.

«Zond-PP» and «Relek» small spacecraft ballistics, navigation and flight control

Lyubomudrov А.А.

The impact of a spacecraft’s own external atmosphere’s ionized cloud on the screening properties of its structure

Zagarskih V.I., Kuzin Е.N., Efanov V.V.

Ballistic Type Decelerator of Millisecond Range Detonation Commands

Matjushin M.M., Sokolov N.L., Ovechko V.M.

Optimal control of a spacecraft during descent in Mars atmosphere

Zanin К.А., Mitkin А.S., Moskatiniev I.V.

Methodology basics of data path modeling for space synthetic aperture radar

Gorovtsov V.V., Efanov V.V., Kotomin А.А., Dushenok S.A.

Improvement of methods for calculation of operational efficiency of detonation separation devices of piston type and their experimental verification

Gafarov А.А., Dolgunichev K.D.

Radiation safety assurance of space radioisotope generators

Khopin P.N.

Assessment of operability of couples of friction with solid lubricating coverings in vacuum conditions

Belyaev B.B., Zhiryakov A.V., Nesterin I.M., Suimenbayev B.T., Sysoev V.K., Telepnev P.P.

Investigation of spacecraft mechanical systems’ impact on precision of orientation and stabilization of the Demonstration Solar Power Station