Journal "Vestnik "NPO IM. S.A.Lavochkina"

Journal "Vestnik "NPO IM. S.A.Lavochkina"

Issue: 04'2019

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Editorial article: Babakin Georgy Nikolaevich

Shugarov А.S., Sachkov M.E., Savanov I.S., Xu Boqian, Yu Funan, Gao Yan, Wang Shuaihui, Ju Guohao, Zhang Chunyue. The conceptual design of China-Russia On-orbit Assembling Space Telescope (OAST)

Ishin S.V., Vikulenkov V.P., Fedoskin D.I., Poreshnev А.Yu., Jumahanov N.B., Yakovlev B.D. Implementation of the spacecraft double launch system concept as a part of the Upper Stages of Fregat family

Vernigora L.V., Kazmerchuk P.V. Optimization of trajectories of low thrust spacecrafts by a linearization method

Nazarov А.Е. Dynamic stability of the continuous service satellite systems on high-elliptical Molniya type orbits

Moisheev A.A., Shostak S.V. The issue of development of transformable space telescopes’ structures

Malyshev V.V., Razumov D.А. The application concept of system-oriented engineering and virtual testing in space industry

Babakov A.V., Finchenko V.S. Numerical simulation of aerodynamics and analysis of flow pattern in near wake over descent vehicles frontal aerodynamic screen of project ExoMars

Kolobov A.Yu., Blinov D.S., Dikun E.V. Determination of reliability of means of excretion with use of a priori information

Petrov A.S., Prilutskiy A.A., Chikov V.A., Volchenkov A.S.

About calculation of geometric resolution and energy potential of space radar with synthesized aperture located in geosynchronous orbit and operating in bistatic mode

Ponomaryov K.E., Stroganov A.M., Strelnikov I.V. Development of technology for soldering small diameter pipelines from aluminum alloys and dissimilar materials